Additional Resources

Additional Resources

If you haven't been able to find exactly the information you need to finish your publication on time, we've compiled a list of other Web sites that provide additional details about the software and computer that you're using to design your next project.

Software Tips & Tricks

  • Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Pagemaker, and more.

  • AppleWorks, iMovie, iTunes, and Final Cut Pro

  • KPT Photoshop Plugins, CorelDRAW, PhotoPaint, and Ventura

  • Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more

  • QuarkXPress, QuarkWrapture, and XTensions

Fonts & Typography

General Technology

  • Software and hardware reviews, price comparisons, purchasing recommendations, and technology news

  • The place to be if you want to download freeware, shareware, and commercial demonstration software

  • Computer, printer, scanner, monitor, handhelds, and digital camera news and reviews